Whatever your motivation for restoring your classic car, it is the ultimate labour of love. For a classic car owner, bringing a car back to life is an extremely rewarding experience, and one that will ensure you enjoy your classic car for numerous, care-free decades. Many owners will have a go at restoring their vehicle themselves, but our methods of restoration are the only way to ensure the highest quality of finish, that will last a lifetime.

With a combined experience of over 200 years in vehicle restoration, we at Clydesdale Classic Cars have the knowledge and facilities to carry out some of the most in-depth and challenging restorations. Our ethos for restoration is to only ever do it once, as any other method of restoring the vehicle would be a compromise.



Prior to the start of a Restoration we will carry out an Inspection on your vehicle. One of our mechanics will meticulously inspect every aspect of your vehicle, while writing you a full report on their findings. We then have a consultaion period with you about the scope of your project and the process of the restoration.



The strip-down

A process well known in other industries, and involves the stripping of old paint and coatings at high temperatures. A vehicle to be processed requires the removal of all synthetic and plastic parts, prior to being moved to a pyrolytic stripping oven. Here it is kept at very high temperatures, but under the steel deformation point.

We beleive this is the only process which can guaruntee all rust is removed from a bodyshell prior to paint. We recommend this process on all complete restorations.


The backbone of your classic

Your cars metal is its most important aspect in many ways, this is where the vehicles structure is held, and therefore it is the central hub in which every nut and bolt on the vehicle is fixed to. 

Armed with the latest restoration knowledge and equipment, our team of master fabricators are more than capable of restoring your vehicles bodywork back to its former glory.

Often you will find that the panels you require to restore your cars body are in fact not available, or in some instances are extremely expensive. Our team have the skills at hand to recreate even the most complex shapes found on a classic vehicle, meaning no repair is ever impossible.



Decisions, Decisions

The paint stage of a restoration is one of the most important aspects of the project. The materials which are layered onto your freshly restored bodyshell during the process are the only coatings protecting your pride and joy from our climate, any shortcuts here can be fateful to the long lasting condition of your vehicle.

Our Paint department uses the latest equipment and materials available to the classic car industry, in order to achieve a finish which not only keeps your classic resilient from our country's climate, but gives it a final finish which will last a lifetime.


The details matter

The reassembly process is where a keen eye for detail and patience for perfection is a necessity. We have a select team of vehicle builders who specialize in the assembly of complete restorations, ensuring your car is finished  to the highest of standards.



Final Stage

Prior to your vehicle being handed back to you, we aim to carry out a number of various test drives totalling a minimun of 100 miles.

This allows us to get a feel for how the vehicle is driving while tuning the engine and suspension for optimal efficiency and performance in whichever environment you plan to use it in. Not only that but it allows us to iron out any small development issues from the car being fully rebuilt, meaning you can get straight into enjoying your classic car without the stress of driving a freshly built restoration.



Taking car of your Classic

Although the most important thing is to enjoy your classic, a regular maintenance routine is vital to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come.

Upon the completion of your Restoration, we design a tailor made service and maintenance plan that will ensure your classic stays in top condition.





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