It is crucial to keep your classic car well maintained, regular servicing and repairs are a vital part of owning your classic car that many neglect, causing issues to develop.

Our team of experienced mechanics have an extensive knowledge in the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of marques. We cover all aspects of maintenance for your classic car; General Servicing, Electrical Repairs, Suspension Overhauls and Diagnostics are all part of the wide array of services we supply.

We have a full library of maintenace and service manuals for all marques, so if you are unsure doing any service work on your car and want to have your car looked after in the most careful hands, then please get in touch.



Our Inspection service is a considerably more in depth process than a regular MOT Inspection. Our mechanic will meticulously go through every aspect of your vehicle, writing you a comprehensive report on their findings. Following a consultaion period you will receive a copy of the report where we will advise you on the areas of repairs to prioritise so you can get back to enjoying your classic.


Protecting your classic from the environment is one way of ensuring your pride and joy stays right where it should be, on the road. A regular and thorough preservation plan is one way of making sure your car is ready for summer blasts for years to come.

Cavity waxing is a process which involves injecting a specially formulated wax into any moisture prone areas of your car, thus meaning these areas are kept repellent from any moisture or salt build-up. We use the highest quality techniques and materials to protect your classic from our harsh climate





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01355 221 113

Clydesdale Classic Cars, 1 Glenburn Road, East Kilbride, G74 5BA

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