The foundations of Clydesdale Classic Cars were laid by decades of passion and experience from founder David. The decision was made to finally make the business official and Clydesdale Classic Cars was set up in our first workshop in Lanarkshire in 2010. Although young in years established, our large teams combined experience in the industry means we have quickly risen to become the largest Classic Car specialists in the country. The key to our success being, our ethos to provide the finest services available to classic car owners across the United Kingdom, with no exception for quality. Our craft is our pride. With over 200 years of experience from our 16 craftsmen and engineers, we have an unparalleled foundation of knowledge that ensures you can trust us to provide the highest level of work. From full restorations to basic servicing and maintenance, we have the skills, experience and contacts to take on any challenge.

The backbone of our business is Restoration. Our Restoration workshop is equipped with a combination of the latest, and the earliest forms of automotive restoration equipment. This allows us to achieve the quality and finish of the original vehicle specification, while performing at much higher efficiency. We use modern methods of panel forming in which we can create a replica mould for any section of a panel, where we are then able to stamp this panel to replicate the original manufacturing finish. Our methods of panel formation are what set us apart from our competitors, and allow us to re-create perfect panels for which a replacement would have never been available.

With customers coming from various corners of the world, from Aberdeen and Edinburgh, all the way to Dubai and Malaysia, we are widely known for our high standards and attention to detail. Our aim is to become a one-stop-shop for classic car owners, and when we moved into our 16,000sqf Glasgow unit in 2016, we became the largest classic car company in our region, and one of the largest in Great Britain. With this we were able to introduce a huge variety of services covering every aspect of the restoration and maintenance of classic vehicles, meaning no matter what service you require for your project, we have the facilities to help you.





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